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E-Max Veneers

E-max veneer, which is frequently preferred by artists, athletes and business people today, is a veneer method that combines durability with aesthetics in the best way and uses a special ceramic during its application. The process, which provides the most natural appearance among the veneers, also always manages to get full marks in durability tests. The E-max veneer material, produced entirely from ceramics, provides the desired light transmittance and does not cause any problems in the mouth because it does not contain metal. 

E-max veneer, which offers high aesthetics and a lifetime use guarantee, is prepared by experienced dentists in professional clinics from materials that are completely compatible with the human body. The veneer, which has a wide color range, gives patients and doctors the opportunity to work comfortably. With all these features, E-max veneer has been preferred by many patients in recent years.

How is E-max veneer Applied?

E-max, one of the most popular veneer options of recent times, is a matter of curiosity among those who are introduced to the treatment method for the first time with how it is applied. The veneer, which contains a high quality monolithic lithium disylate block, is produced with a CAD-CAM bur system and is handled in professional laboratory environments with its personalized structure. For this reason, production is handled from scratch and in the most special way for each patient.

While taking molds during E-max veneer processes, classical methods are often used, but in many places molds can also be taken digitally. Patients do not feel any pain during this procedure.

After the measurements are taken, the molds are sent to the laboratory and a personalized E-max veneer is developed in the laboratory environment. The veneers returned to the clinic are applied perfectly to the teeth. The metal-free E-max veneer never feels heavy in the mouth. The veneer that fits the teeth perfectly does not cause problems such as ill-fitting or gaps remaining for many years. E-max veneer, which is prepared in a short time, is easily applied to patients in a non-challenging process.

In Which Situations Can E-max veneer Be Applied?

Recently, people who want E-max veneer are also wondering in what cases they need to be treated. At this point, many factors may indicate that you need E-max veneer.

Yellowing of teeth is among the first reasons for those who want to have E-max veneer. Teeth that change color due to many reasons do not provide a good aesthetic appearance. Moreover, teeth whitening methods are not always successful. Therefore, E-max veneer can be preferred for whiter teeth and an aesthetic smile.

In addition, E-max veneer can be preferred for teeth that do not have much curvature. In cases of mild curvature, patients usually request E-max veneer to have their front teeth restored. While crooked front teeth are equalized, a much more aesthetic appearance is achieved with E-max veneer. In addition, smile design also produces very successful results in practice.

In addition, people who have previously undergone root canal treatment or filling often ask whether they can have E-max veneer. Even if root canal or filling treatment has been applied to the teeth before, these treatments do not constitute an obstacle to E-max veneer. Even though the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are a little weaker, E-max veneer can be applied safely. Finally, E-max veneer application can often be preferred on teeth with fractures and extensive caries.

Why is E-max veneer Popularly Preferred?

E-max, one of the most preferred veneer methods of recent years, is well known among artists, athletes and business people. This is due to the fact that E-max veneer procedures can create the most aesthetic appearance on the front teeth. The veneer, which can reflect light very well, offers patients a natural shine. In addition, another feature of E-max veneer is that it can provide the most natural image in different light sources.

In addition, E-max veneer does not contain a metal infrastructure. In this way, the body-friendly veneer also does not cause any problems for people with allergic reactions. Moreover, it is stated that the veneer does not cause discoloration in the gums as it does in the teeth.

The material produced during E-max veneer is very durable. In this way, patients can perform swallowing, chewing and swallowing activities in the best way possible, almost forgetting that they have a veneer in their mouth. In addition, the fact that it is bonded to the teeth with extremely fine adjustments ensures that natural teeth are filed down to a minimum.

In Which Situations Is E-max veneer Not Preferred?

Although E-max dental veneer can be applied to patients as a savior in some cases, in some cases it cannot be applied to teeth. For example, E-max veneer is not recommended for people who have experienced tooth loss for a long time. Because it seems that the E-max veneer is not a suitable option to close the long tooth gap.

However, it would be much more appropriate to use metal-containing veneers for the rear grinding teeth in terms of durability. The pressure condition on these teeth is better provided by metal-supported veneers, ensuring that the veneers can be used for many years. In short, it is known that E-max veneers are generally not preferred in these cases.

How Long Can E-max veneer Be Used?

E-max veneer, one of the most popular types of recent times, can be used without any problems for many years if regular oral and dental hygiene is maintained. However, experts state that it is wrong to give a period that will cover everyone for the use of E-max. At this point, every dentist states that in order to extend the life of the veneers, oral and dental hygiene should not be disrupted and routine checks should be carried out as usual.

In addition, in order for E-max veneers to be used for many years, patients must immediately abandon habits such as biting glasses temples or pencils. Additionally, it is essential not to bite hard-shelled foods or try to break them with your teeth. Otherwise, E-max veneers will be damaged and their usage time will be significantly shortened.

At this point, it is known that people who try to use veneers healthily by paying attention to oral and dental hygiene can use E-max veneers without any problems for 5 to 10 years.

Frequently asked questions about E-max dental veneer

E-max dental veneers are veneers made using E-max ceramic, which is a special type of porcelain, an aesthetic ceramic material. These veneers have a color very close to the natural tooth color and are durable.
The advantages of E-max dental veneer include its natural appearance, durability, light transmittance, aesthetically perfect results and resistance to decay.
E-max dental veneers are extremely durable and can last for many years with proper care. Their durability can be increased with regular dental hygiene and periodic dentist checks.
The E-max dental crown procedure varies depending on the patient's dental condition and the complexity of the treatment. However, it can usually be completed in a few visits. It consists of first preparing the teeth, then taking measurements, and finally preparing and placing the veneer in the laboratory.

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