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Smile Design

Your smile is one of the unique elements that define you in photographs, in public and in the mirror. Teeth like pearls can increase your self-confidence while increasing your place in society. For this reason, it is very important for people to find their own special smile, just like hair care and make-up. Smile design, offered to everyone with the developing technology, makes it possible for teeth to shine like pearls and for people to have self-confidence.

In recent years, the procedure also called “Hollywood Smile” has become popular. Actors, politicians and artists often request appointments from dentists for smile design.

At this point, since smile design is offered personalized for everyone, it eliminates all the problems seen from the outside during your smile by completely eliminating factors such as genetics, wrong oral and dental care and external factors. In addition, problems such as tartar, yellowing and receding gums can easily be eliminated with smile design procedures. 

What is Smile Design?

Smile design is the harmonization of the teeth and jaw position and the mouth and jaw structure during a person’s smile, and the aesthetic appearance of the teeth according to the facial features. Smile design is carried out using a combination of different disciplines according to people’s needs and demands. At this point, the completion of missing teeth with implants, the application of orthodontic treatments for crowded teeth and the intervention of periodontologists in the problem of gum recession prove that smile design is versatile.

Smile design is an operation that must be handled by specialist physicians and the entire process must be planned in detail. While many different interventions are performed during smile design, different disciplines are also used. In addition, thanks to the blessings brought by “digital dentistry” technology, the patient can be shown what kind of smile will be designed after the treatment at the very beginning of the process. In this way, the needs and demands of the patient are fully met.

What Procedures Can Be Applied in Smile Design?

Dentists fully determine the needs of patients before smile design procedures and consider all disciplines that will be involved in the application along with the appropriate treatment plan. The main goal of smile design is to eliminate all the deficiencies of patients in terms of oral and dental health. A more aesthetic smile can be achieved with later operations.

After the health procedures are applied during the smile design, the message you want to give with your smile is molded in an aesthetic sense, whether the lips are full or half, completely closed or open. Once your needs are determined and met, your requests are received and work begins immediately after the review. Generally, the following procedures are given priority during smile design:

  • Whitening to Reveal Your Smile
  • Bonding and Orthodontic Treatment for Separate Teeth
  • Revealing the Smile Line
  • Operation on Short and Long Teeth
  • Porcelain or Zirconium Coating
  • Orthodontic Treatments for Crooked Teeth
  • Filling and Root Canal Treatment Planning for Decayed Teeth

What are the Processes in the Smile Design Operation?

People who will undergo a new smile design operation are wondering what processes they will go through and how they will get a new smile. At this point, the most important steps of smile design occur during the planning process. During the planning process, the type of treatment you will receive is arranged and your smile design is presented in advance with elements such as digital modelling. There are generally three different stages that are addressed during smile design;

  • Planning Process

During the planning process, the patient’s condition is examined by performing a 3D intraoral scan. It is discussed what kind of smile design can be made according to the existing smile and lip position. While determining which disciplines will be used throughout the operation, the patient is informed about the practices. At the end of the planning process, the final version of the smile design is shown to the patient and approval is obtained.

  1. Treatment Process

During the treatment process, if necessary, filling and root canal treatment can be applied to the decayed teeth. In addition, if necessary, orthodontic treatments are used to eliminate inflammation and strengthen the gums. In the final stage of the treatment process, teeth measurements are taken with a 3D intraoral scan and temporary teeth are placed in the mouth.

  1. Making the Application Permanent

During this process, different dental veneer options such as porcelain, zirconium and laminate are offered to the patient according to the patient’s tooth dimensions and their opinions are taken during rehearsals. The process continues with whichever veneer material the patient decides on during the fitting. In this way, the patient’s new teeth are placed exactly at the last rehearsal and are ensured to be permanent. Finally, after the smile design operation, the patient is given detailed information about oral and dental health and the procedures are completed.

Why Should Smile Design Be Made Personally?

Millions of people have different face shapes and chin-lip structures. For this reason, it is not expected that everyone will have the same smile. The “personalized” perception in smile design stems from the fact that everyone’s needs and demands are different. Therefore, in order to offer patients the smile they desire, the screening process must be long and the best smile for the person must be determined.

To give an example of why smile design should be personalized, examples can be given from professional hairdressers. Since it is known that the two halves of every person’s face are not the same, hairdressers perform hair and beard cuts by evaluating the proportions of the two faces. In smile design, the right and left parts of the lips may differ. In addition, while some people want their front teeth to appear a little longer, they may also want their teeth to appear smaller when viewed from the right and left. For this reason, since the face is unique, smile designs must also be unique.

Why is Smile Design Often Preferred?

In recent years, with the development of technology and the change in aesthetic perception, smile design has become very popular. At this point, people who are introduced to smile design for the first time also wonder why smile design is frequently preferred.

A successful smile design can completely change people’s social and business lives. Additionally, as your self-confidence will increase with your smile, you can become a happier, more loving person and more confident in yourself. This is proven by the fact that people who have a smile design can continue their existence motivated in every aspect of their lives. For this reason, smile design is one of the most preferred operations in dentistry today.

Frequently asked questions about Smile Design

Procedures used for smile design include various methods such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, aesthetic fillings, braces and aesthetic dental surgery.
Smile design time varies depending on the type of procedures used, the patient's current dental condition, and the desired outcome. While some simple procedures can be completed in a few hours, more comprehensive smile design plans can take several weeks or months.
Smile design procedures are generally painless or minimally painful. The dentist may use local anesthesia or other relaxing techniques to ensure the patient's comfort.
Smile design results are generally long-lasting and sustainable. However, how much attention the patient pays to dental hygiene, diet and regular dentist check-ups may affect this continuity. With regular care, results can be maintained for years.

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