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Zirconium Tooth Veneer

Veneers, which have been taken to a different dimension with today’s technology, are offered in two types, with or without metal support. Dentists direct patients to different veneer options according to people’s needs and demands. At this point, the first choice of those who want a more aesthetic and natural-looking smile is metal-supported veneers with zirconium infrastructure.

Zirconium metal veneers always look more natural and aesthetic than porcelain veneers. Zirconium, a white material, is preferred in front teeth due to its high aesthetic effectiveness. In addition, while zirconium is generally applied to the tooth surface, it is also applied to missing tooth areas. 

How is Zirconium veneer Made?

Zirconium veneer is one of the methods frequently used by dentists. At this point, people who want to have zirconium veneer for the first time are wondering how the application will be. Before starting the procedure, dental problems are definitely detected by the dentist. After the problems are resolved, local anesthesia is applied to the patient to begin the procedure.

Following local anesthesia, the teeth are reduced as much as necessary and measurements are taken with soft materials or digital tools. The patient’s opinion is taken by adhering to the color scale and the best color match is achieved with the veneer.

After the procedures, temporary teeth are placed in the mouth to prevent sensitivity problems and not to spoil the aesthetic appearance until real zirconium veneers are prepared. Then, the zirconium teeth, which are prepared in moderation, are made ready within an average of 5 days. The prepared teeth are presented to the patient and after the patient’s approval is obtained, the temporary teeth are removed and real zirconium veneers are installed. Meanwhile, transparent adhesives are preferred to strengthen the teeth in the mouth.

After the zirconium veneers are placed in the mouth, the post-treatment care process begins. In particular, patients must not eat anything for half an hour after the teeth are placed. In addition, patients must go for check-ups at regular intervals to have their veneers checked.

What are the Properties of Zirconium veneers?

Nowadays, zirconium veneers can be applied to both upper and lower teeth and are appreciated by everyone for their naturalness and aesthetic appearance. At this point, zirconium veneer generally provides durability in the back teeth and offers the best aesthetic appearance in the front teeth.

Zirconium veneers offer durability that lasts for many years as they are produced through special baking processes. In addition, with these features, they have an extremely stable structure against breaks, cracks and abrasions. Zirconium veneers, which are resistant to corrosion, also contain the light permeability of natural tooth enamel.

Zirconium veneers, which do not contain a metal structure, are completely compatible with the body and do not pose any problems. Veneers, which can be used safely for many years, do not cause sensitivity problems in teeth since they have low light transmittance.

In addition, zirconium caps do not change the taste in the mouth because they do not contain metal, and while they reduce bad breath, they do not cause dark discoloration on the teeth. In addition, the color change is much less compared to natural teeth and allergic reactions are very rare. Finally, it is worth noting that their surfaces are shiny and smooth and there is no plaque accumulation.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium veneers?

Recently, everyone who wants to have zirconium veneer is wondering what advantages these veneers have compared to other veneers. Zirconium veneers offer the appearance closest to the original compared to other veneers. Moreover, zirconium veneers do not pose any problems for the gums, unlike other veneers. Zirconium veneers, which look very transparent and natural, do not cause darkness on the gums and do not cause problems such as black reflection.

Zirconium veneers, which are fully compatible with the body, do not cause sensitivity problems as they are highly resistant to heat and cold. Zirconium veneers, which are one of the most ideal dental operations for those with metal allergies, can also minimize staining caused by reasons such as smoking and coffee use.

Is There Pain During Zirconium Treatment?

Nowadays, many people who want to receive zirconium treatment are wondering what the treatment process is like and the advantages of zirconium veneer, as well as whether there is any pain in the treatment. Zirconium veneer processes performed by professional and experienced people can be completed without any problems. In addition, patients do not feel any pain since local anesthesia is applied during the thinning of the teeth before the zirconium veneer is applied.

In addition, professional zirconium veneer procedures offer the most suitable treatments for the color of the tooth, thus minimizing the risk of sensitivity with a temporary veneer. However, some patients, although rare, may experience sensitivity problems after the operation. In short, it is worth noting that the operation process, placement of permanent teeth and post-treatment were completed painlessly.

Is Zirconium veneer Harmful to Gums?

Many people who have had gum problems before have zirconium crowns and wonder whether the procedure will cause any harm to their gums. At this point, every material used during zirconium veneer has a sensitive tissue-friendly feature. For this reason, there is no inflammation or darkening of the gums, as is the case with metal-supported crowns.

Experts have concluded that the cups used with zirconium substructure are highly compatible with the gums. At this point, the risks of gum diseases that occur in metal porcelain veneer materials are not seen in zirconium veneers. For this reason, you can have zirconium veneer treatment with peace of mind through professional and experienced people without worrying about gum problems.

How Long Does Zirconium Dental veneer Treatment Take?

People who will encounter zirconium dental veneer treatment for the first time wonder how long the process takes from start to finish. At this point, zirconium veneer comes to the rescue of those looking for a quick treatment process. Experts state that patients who do not need any extra treatment during the gum control and prosthesis adaptation process can have the procedure done within an average of 1 week.

At this point, the point that must be taken into consideration in patients who want to have zirconium dental veneer treatment is the gums. People with gum disease should be treated before veneering. Otherwise, the efficiency of the veneers decreases and irreversible problems arise for people. It can be said that the veneer application will take longer than 1 week because individuals who have gum disease during the examinations of specialist physicians at the beginning of the process will undergo extra treatment processes.

Frequently asked questions about zirconium dental veneer

Zirconium dental veneer is a durable and aesthetic veneer material that has a color close to the natural tooth color. It is produced from a ceramic material called zirconium oxide and is used to reshape or straighten teeth.
The advantages of zirconium dental veneer include its natural appearance, durability, longevity, low risk of allergy and resistance to decay.
Zirconium dental veneers are extremely durable. When properly cared for and regular dental hygiene is practiced, zirconium crowns can often last more than 10 years.
The zirconium dental crown procedure varies depending on the patient's dental condition and the complexity of the treatment. However, it can usually be completed in a few visits. It consists of first preparing the teeth, then taking measurements, and finally placing the crown.

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